About the project

Wachau Routes

The Wachau Routes project examines the Wachau’s transport routes. Already in the early 19th century, works of art drew attention to the unique cultural landscape on the Danube. New forms of mobility change perception and are reflected in the landscape. The landscape is in a state of permanent change. Until now, the Wachau’s traffic routes have rarely been the focus of artistic works. The Wachau Routes research project focuses on the theme of traffic routes. The interdisciplinary cooperation of landscape architecture and art makes it possible to cross borders, adopt new perspectives, further develop methods and expand knowledge.

The project explores the following question:What does a contemporary image of the Wachau look like that builds on the users’ perception with arts-based scientific methods and corresponds to the contemporary understanding of landscape? Using contemporary methods of visual art and landscape architecture, the railway, road and cycle and hiking paths will each be researched in depth for one year in an artistic-scientific process. As a constant object of investigation, the Danube is closely interrelated with these transport routes. The fourth year is dedicated to the synthesis of all investigations.

The research project critically reflects on current and historical representations of landscape architecture and art. The criteria for the design integration of traffic routes into the landscape will be examined. The perception of the landscape by different user groups will be analysed. Interventions in public space, participatory artistic processes and exhibitions will reach the local public. The results of the artistic-scientific research are presented and published in exhibitions and at international conferences.